Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some FO's

Well I told you I have been knitting a lot due to not sleeping so here is the evidence, first off we have my first Jaywalkers, I know I'm late jumping on the bandwagon. They are made from Claudia Handpaint in the Roasted Chilies colorway

Next are the Retro Rib socks from th "Favorite Socks" book that Interweave did. These are made from Louet Gems in the Cream colorway. I figured I needed some socks that were a color that would match anything, they are very soft.

Next up is a pattern that I found online called "Little Shells" I can't remember where exactly I found it but it knits up so cute. I made these with my Mama E's cyeber fiber, it's the colorway called Gayle.

Here is a close-up of the stitch pattern.

So as you see I have been a sock knitting fool, I am sleeping better now thanks to the miracle of Ambien, but I am still knitting more socks. I cast on some River Rapid socks from Sock Bug.
And now I leave you with some art from my son, I love this picture, but this dude needs his thyroid checked ;o) Have a good one everyone