Monday, July 23, 2007

Last Weekend

OK, so it's taken me this long to recover from my trip last weekend, I think I'm getting too old to stay up 24 hours anymore!! So my friend calls me on Friday the 13th and says "hey, what are you doing tomorrow?" I wasn't doing anything to speak of except maybe knitting so she says "Good, because I'm taking you to Ozzfest" What? you're kidding, right? Nope! So she picked me up at 5:30 AM the next morning, we met up with the other 2 people that were actually driving there and away we went. It was an interesting journey. I took some pictures, the Gorge at George, WA is one of the most beautiful places, if you haven't been I highly recommend that you go. The Columbia River Gorge is the backdrop, it's fabulous, especially when the sun sets behind the stage.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Whole Lotta Knittin' Goin' On

First up are Patty's socks. My friend Patty gifted me this yarn after discovering that she hates small yarn and socks, oh the horror, so I made her some socks, she doesn't know yet so don't tell her! Also these are my July socks for the SAM3 KAL

Next up is a baby cardigan that I made for my cousin's DD, she's having a girl. I'm going to make a hat and booties to match.

Here is another baby sweater for same baby, this is from LMKG. It just needs buttons on the placket and it's done. I want to make these to match

And last is my Chevron scarf progress for the KAL, I think it's turning out very nicely.