Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Bag and Some Socks

OK here is one of the bags I made. I made matching ones for my DD and her friend. I'm making a matching cell phone cozy too. This is the same bag pattern from the post below but with pink and brown. I also added the fur to these.

Here are my September socks. Nothing fancy, just Knit Picks Parade in Tropical and a basic sock pattern.

Friday, September 01, 2006

NO, MY One Skein Pal is the Best!!

I got my final One Skein Pal package today and it was all so lovely. Thank you so much to Suzanne who has been an awesome pal. Here is what she sent me... there was a skein of Cascade Quatro which is a beautiful color (BTW I'd love to see that purse pattern!) a cute notebook, love the colors on that, a cute card and this fab pink hat (My daughter's modeling it, isn't she cute?)

Thank you One Skein Pal!!
You have been great and this has been so much fun!

I'm Hooked!

OK so I tried felting and it was way too fun! I made the All in One bag from the Pursenality Plus book that I got from my SP. It's made with Cascade yarn, also from my SP. Here is a picture before felting:

Here it is after felting:

The pattern calls for some fuzzy yarn around the top and bottom but I couldn't make it look right, so I left that part off for my first time. I already started another bag for my daughter and I will put the fur on it.
I didn't have any trouble with the felting process, I guess I thought it would be super hard. I did cut myself while I was shaving the bag, man that hurts. If anyone has tips on shaving after felting, that would be much appreciated!