Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Done Monkeys and Weird Weekend

I got my Monkey Sockapalooza socks done, they are so cute! This pattern works up so fast, I will have to make some for me next! These also count as May socks for sock-a-month. Here they are (sorry so blurry)

Here is a close up of the stitch pattern:

The yarn is from Pagewood Farms in the Bird of Paradise colorway, this yarn knits up so nice, I love it!
So I ended up being sick for the long weekend, not that I had any big plans anyway. I have a raging kidney infection, I think I've had it for awhile but ignored it. Nurses are the worst patients you know :o) Anyway so I was kind of in a fog all weekend. When I did get up and around, my DD drove me to the store, when we were almost done, this store worker ran me over with a bread cart! Yes you heard me, RAN ME OVER!! She was very sorry, I know she didn't do it on purpose. At least she hit my right side instead of my left (my poor kidney couldn't take that). Now my hip and ankle are quite sore and bruised. The person in charge didn't seem to really care. Good thing I'm nice or I'd sue them or something!

Monday, May 21, 2007

WIPs for Robyn's Contest and KTE Package

Here are my current WIP'S for Robyn's SP contest:
This is a Monkey sock that I'm working on for Sockapalooza 4. Loving these colors.

This is a Sockotta sock that I've had on for about 2 months. I had 2 balls of this yarn, finished one pair for Sock a Month 2, started this second pair and got bored I guess.

This is a sweater that I started about a year ago, I thought I would love it, but the color started losing it's appeal, I may finish it one day!

I have one other WIP but I can't post it's picture now in case my SP spoilee reads, she knows I'm making this. I will post after SP though. It was an FO but I ended up not liking the way the bottom was so I ripped it back, close to 5oo yards worth of ripping! Yikes! I think I will like it better though.

Now for the KTE package. I received the box from Elisabeth, she is in Halifax, Nova Scotia! It actually arrived on Saturday but I wasn't home so only received a slip in my box! I had to wait all weekend to get it, that was hard! Here are the contents in their entirety:

Here is what you see: Vogue Knitting mag, some sock yarn from Lucy Neatby, (love those colors), Burt's Bees body care kit (so yummy), a sock knitting CD with upbeat songs (can't wait to pop that in), some clippy things that look to be perfect for seaming, some cool pens to support breast cancer awareness, some kitty stickers, tattoos, a cool take-out container with chocolate and a cute sheep stamp, some other chocolate bars (thank you for the reduced calorie ones!). Oh and if you're wondering what the beautiful red thing is behind there, it's a scarf from Egypt, so pretty! Thank you Elisabeth (and Shawn)! I really love what you sent, thank you so much :o)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged

by Ingrid. She wants me to list..

8 Random Things About Me...

1. I have sort of a hair phobia. Loose hairs on my clothes drive me crazy. When washing my hair it also drives me nuts when loose hairs wrap around my fingers or get anywhere on my body. I have to make sure all of the hairs are washed off! (Yes, I have a touch of OCD)
2.I took piano lessons from age 6 through 17. I can still play but my piano is way out of tune.
3. I lived in Chile for 3 months.
4. I also stamp and scrapbook, although knitting has taken over that part of my brain. I even sell Close to My Heart, you can check it out here
5. I love popcorn and diet Pepsi. When I'm not feeling good, that always makes me feel better.
6. I was adopted at 3 days old.
7. I don't like seafood. The smell of it makes me gag.
8. I hate speaking in front of others, I do it as part of my job but it terrifies me.

I don't know who to tag so if you read this blog, consider yourself tagged!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Trying Some Dyeing

I've been seeing this Kool-aid dyeing online for awhile now and decided to give it a try! I used Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid and Knit Picks "Bare" yarn. Here it is stewing in the pot...

And here it is hanging up to dry...

There are a couple of spots that didn't take up the color, I assume that I can do it over so that there is even color. If I'm wrong somebody let me know. I think the color is fun and I'll probably be doing more of it!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

My SP Rocks!

Lookie what I got...

This is a Posey Sock Sack made especially for me by Nana Sadie Rose. It is a sock project bag, it's so cool. It has a shoulder strap...

And inside pockets to put your stuff in...

What a thoughtful gift, I even got to pick the material. I really love it! Thank you SP!!
You can get yours here. I'm going to have to cast on some new socks just so I can fill up my new bag!